Roughly one in six American adults struggle with tooth loss. If you ever lose an adult tooth, it is imperative to replace it as quickly as possible. Doing so not only helps restore the aesthetics and functionality of your smile but also prevents further loss of bone and tissue.

Many of the best procedures for teeth replacement take multiple sessions to complete; for dental implants, the entire process may last for a few months. But what about those who urgently need replacement teeth on an emergency basis?

Many patients will be eligible for Teeth in a Day, a procedure we are pleased to provide here at Mercer Island Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. We invite you to learn more about how the Teeth in a Day process works.

What is Teeth in a Day?

To understand the benefits of Teeth in a Day, it helps to know the fundamentals of dental implants.

Dental implants are essentially tiny metal screws placed into the jawbone to serve as artificial roots. Dental prostheses (crowns, bridges, even dentures) can be adhered to these implants to restore your healthy smile. There are many advantages to dental implants, but the one potential drawback is that, between the placement of your implants and the positioning of your replacement teeth, you need to give the implants ample time to heal. This can take several weeks, potentially even a couple of months.

The Teeth in a Day process allows you to have dental implants placed and then also have replacement teeth added on the same day. Note that these replacement teeth are temporary, intended to provide you with normal aesthetics and functionality until your more permanent prostheses may be placed.

In other words, by getting Teeth in a Day, you can gain a beautiful new smile in just one session, which makes that long healing process much easier to manage.

Am I a Good Candidate for Teeth in a Day?

When you join Dr. Streelman for a one-on-one consultation, you can learn more about your own eligibility for Teeth in a Day. Generally speaking, our practice recommends this procedure for patients who meet the following criteria:

  • You have one or more teeth that are either missing or severely damaged.
  • You wish to see an immediate cosmetic improvement to your smile.
  • You have sufficient bone density left in your jaw area.
  • You do not have any underlying medical conditions that could impede you from proper healing.
  • You do not have any untreated oral health conditions, such as periodontal disease.

To find out more about your candidacy for a Teeth in a Day procedure, contact our Mercer Island, WA practice at your next opportunity.

Meet Your Oral Surgeon

At Mercer Island Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, all Teeth in a Day procedures are performed by our own Dr. Matthew Streelman, an experienced oral surgeon with ample experience both in dentistry and in general medicine. Dr. Streelman’s areas of focus include dental implants, wisdom teeth removal, treatment for impacted canines, and more. He is a proud resident of Mercer Island, where he lives with his wife and three daughters. We invite you to learn more about Dr. Streelman by reading his bio.

Teeth in a Day: About the Process

For those who are unfamiliar with the Teeth in a Day process, it may be helpful to learn a little bit more about the steps involved. Here is a rough breakdown of what you can expect from your own Teeth in a Day procedure.


The process always begins with a one-on-one appointment, where Dr. Streelman will conduct both a physical examination and some digital imaging, providing greater insight into your oral health needs. During this appointment, you will also be informed if you have any teeth that need to be pulled before you receive your implants or any underlying tooth or gum diseases that require treatment.

Additionally, 3-D scanning will be used to create custom, temporary teeth, ensuring the right shape and appearance to fit in with your other teeth.

Implant Placement

The placement of your dental implants will typically be done with full sedation. Your surgeon will make incisions into the gums, exposing the underlying bone and tissue. Implants are securely screwed into place. The number of implants you require depends on how many teeth you need to have replaced and where those teeth are located; often, Teeth in a Day procedures involve four total implants.

Teeth in a Day Placement

Immediately after the implants are placed, a non-removable appliance is attached on top of them, providing full functionality. Temporary dental prostheses can be placed on top of this appliance, allowing you to enjoy all the benefits of a healthy smile until your implants are fully healed, and your more permanent restorations are ready.

Will Dental Insurance Cover Teeth in a Day?

We often hear from patients who wonder whether their dental insurance will cover the cost of Teeth in a Day. The short answer: it just depends. Policies are widely variable, and it is always best to check your specific policy before scheduling a procedure.

With that said, many dental insurance plans will cover Teeth in a Day implants if you have a medical problem associated with your tooth loss or if you lost teeth due to an injury or traumatic accident. Note that our practice will help you get the maximum reimbursement possible via your dental insurance provider.

Does Getting Teeth in a Day Hurt?

Another common question we hear from patients is whether their Teeth in a Day procedure will be painful. It is always our goal to provide the highest standards of oral health care while also keeping our patients as comfortable as can be. As such, we offer multiple sedation options, which can prevent any discomfort during the procedure itself.

Following any dental implant placement, you can anticipate some soreness for a few days. This discomfort can typically be managed with either over-the-counter or prescription pain medications. Your surgeon will tell you more about the options for pain mediation.

Recovery from Teeth in a Day

In addition to some minor discomfort, there are a few more expectations you should have about your recovery from Teeth in a Day.

For the first 24 hours following your procedure, we recommend sticking with either soft foods (such as soup or yogurt) and liquids. We would also advise steering away from foods that are particularly hot or spicy, as these foods may contribute to inflammation. You can begin easing into a more normal diet within a day or two as your comfort level grows.

Additionally, you will want to allow some time for your body to rest and recover following surgery. Try to take it easy for at least a couple of days and avoid strenuous physical activity until your oral surgeon tells you that you are cleared for exercise.

Is the Teeth in a Day Procedure Right for Me?

If you have lost teeth or anticipate losing teeth, dental implants represent one of the best solutions. And, once you have implants placed, Teeth in a Day can be used to provide you with a healthy, functional smile until your more lasting restorations are ready. If you have any specific questions about your eligibility for Teeth in a Day implants, we welcome you to contact us directly.

Get Teeth in a Day in Mercer Island, WA

At Mercer Island Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, we are proud to provide a full range of dental implant options, all while emphasizing patient safety, comfort, and convenience. To schedule an appointment with us, contact our office today.