At Mercer Island Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, there are a handful of questions that we hear routinely. One of the most common: Is it going to hurt? We understand that many of our patients have never had oral surgery before and are naturally anxious about the experience. Please rest assured that we do everything in our power to prioritize patient comfort while also ensuring patient safety. We provide a number of sedation options for our patients, allowing them to have their procedure completed in the most comfortable way possible.

Our Sedation Options

For each patient, we make an individualized recommendation for sedation based on a few important factors: The patient’s medical history, height and weight, and preference.

The specific sedation options we offer include laughing gas for milder or minimally invasive procedures, as well as IV sedation and general anesthesia for more complex procedures.

We provide all of our sedation in-house, bringing in anesthesiologists as necessary. We offer these services with the intention of ensuring safety and comfort during the procedure and peace of mind leading up to it.

What About Oral Sedation for Kids?

Our practice treats patients of all ages, including kids who have oral pathologies such as extra teeth or small jaws. We are pleased to offer safe, age-appropriate sedation options for these younger patients. For parents who have specific questions or concerns, we welcome you to contact our Mercer Island practice at your convenience.

Benefits of Sedation

The most obvious reason why patients benefit from sedation is that it allows them to have oral surgeries completed without experiencing severe pain. There are several other reasons why we believe procedural sedation matters:

Anxiety Relief

Some patients put off important oral health procedures because they are so anxious about the pain. Sedation options help to alleviate that anxiety and make treatment seem more accessible.

Anterograde Amnesia

Having a dental procedure done can be traumatic, and many patients would rather not remember the experience. With the proper sedation, you will have very little if any memory of the procedure.

Learn More About Sedation Options

To find out more about the available options for sedation, we invite you to contact us directly and set up an appointment. We are always happy to share more about our commitment to patient comfort and safety. Reach out to Mercer Island Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at your next opportunity.